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Annual Meeting Date Announced
**Annual Budget Vote**

The Board is proposing an annual budget and that proposal is presented as part of this package. The Association's annual assessment will continue at $140. We encourage you to review the enclosed budget proposal to understand where the annual assessment funds are to be directed. For a more detailed accounting of the proposed budget, and/or to obtain copies of the Association's 2016 unaudited end-of-year financial statements, please send your request to Association Treasurer John Glasserman at johnbtv@comcast.net or, by telephone, at (802) 879-5330. If request is by email, the documents will be sent by return email. If request is made by telephone, your email address will be solicited. If you do not have email, or if you do not wish to provide an email address, the documents will be printed and sent via the US Postal Service. Please note that email is our preferred method of delivery, as the documents are already prepared and there is no delivery cost to the Association. Each physical mailing costs the Association more than $1.00.

Proxy Voting: You were recently mailed an envelope/package with the 2017 Proxy Form. If you will not be attending the annual meeting, please complete and return the proxy to the Association. After completing the proxy, you may return it by:

(1) mailing to the Countryside Homeowners' Association; PO Box 606; Essex Junction, VT 05453-0606;

(2) placement in the drop-off box located at 16 Aspen Drive; OR

(3) scanning the completed form and emailing it to the Association at countrysidevt@gmail.com. Instructions are also provided on the form, itself.

Thanks in advance for your attention to this important matter.For a more detailed accounting of the proposed budget, and to obtain copies of the Association's 2016 financial statements, please contact Association Treasurer John Glasserman at johnbtv@comcast.net. These documents can be either emailed or sent through the US Postal Service. We prefer email, as it is much quicker and there is no cost to the Association. Each mailing will cost the Association more than $1.00.

Proposed Budget Items 2017

This year, the Association is considering improving the recreation area's poolside environment by providing more shaded areas. Funds have been budgeted for the purchase of umbrellas to provide the shade. Additionally, funds have been budgeted for minor improvements to the Countryside Drive median and addressing cracks which are developing on the tennis court surface. It is also a rebuilding year for our Fund Balance as the Association invested in major infrastructure improvements over the last few years.

Community Events

The date of the annual yard sale will be Saturday, June 3rd. The June date is back by popular demand. The Association's block party date is to be determined, but will probably be sometime in August. In May, Pickleball League Night will continue every Wednesday evening starting at 6:30 (weather permitting). We will also be having pickleball clinics sometime in May. Stay tuned for more info to follow in our spring newsletter!

Pool Area Improvements

Last year, the Association installed new pool liners, new pool covers, and completed more upgrades to the portable toilet and changing areas.
Pool Area Attendants

Individuals who are interested in applying for a Pool Attendant position, please contact Gail Connors at gesconnors@aol.com. For consideration for the position you must be responsible and dependable and be (1) at least 16 years of age and (2) a Countryside Homeowners' Association resident.

Covenant Rule Reminder

Out of season vehicles (boats, RV’s Campers, Construction vehicles/equipment, etc.).  Please abide according to our covenant’s and the Village zoning regulations. Please store them at an offsite location or in your garage.  Thank you for your attention regarding this matter.

Selling Your Home?

Whether by owner or with a realtor a re-sale certificate from the Countryside Homeowners Association is NEEDED. Please contact our treasurer John Glasserman at johnbtv@comcast.net or 879-5330 in ADVANCE of your closing date. Any questions please contact John or a board member officer.

Any ideas for future community events please contact a board member!
Home Drainage Notice

Please read this important letter regarding our home drainage systems





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